For this project I had to use Adobe Photoshop to "photo bash" and combine multiple images to create a brand new, non-human focused movie poster for a non-existent movie. I had to create a interesting wordmark as well using a mix of Illustrator and Photoshop. 
Final Work

Final Poster 

My Process
To start off I sketched out different ideas as to what the subject matter and layout for the poster could be. figuring out generally what images I would need in the process as well.
I then moved to digital and started with the word mark to get an understanding of the feel of the rest of the poster including general colour and mood. I started off with basic type and added in graphics and texture to make it stand out. I then moved it into photoshop to add a wood texture to fit the western theme and make it pop with extra effects.
After that I moved onto the poster in photoshop I started off by creating the big things like the background buildings and the land like sky and ground. I then moved onto the smaller items like the zombie parts a blood splatters ect. Shown below is a work in progress before the final work.

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