For this project I had to create a sales flyer using my own photography that included both a French and English version for easy printing.
Final Work

Final English Version

Final French Version

My Process
I started off by making a few rough sketches with different layout ideas so I had a general idea of what I wanted and to see if it would look good.

Rough Layout Sketches

I then moved on to taking all the photos of each item in the sale flyer and using Photoshop to crop them and polish them up to be used in the flyer. I then I layed out all the images to figure out spacing and how much room would be left for the other aspects like the text and illustrations. 
Then I moved onto adding in the illustrations as they also would take up a decent amount of room and finally I added in the text and formatted it starting with English then French changing typography when needed to make it fit. This then all came together to make the final version.

In Progress Layout

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